Archive of the victims of the Nazi and the Communist terror in Kraków 1939–1956

First name: Stanisław, Kostka

Last name: Czapkiewicz

Nom de guerre: Sprężyna

Organization: Związek Walki Zbrojnej (ZWZ)- Armia Krajowa (AK)

  • Parent's names:
  • Arrested in: 05.02.1945
  • Date of birth: 31.10.1893
  • Place of birth:
  • Date of death: 19.03.1961

Biographical entry

Stanisław Kostka Czapkiewicz, nom de guerre “Sprężyna” [Mainspring], b. 1893, ob. 1961, was chief of counterintelligence in the Union for Armed Struggle – the Home Army (Związek Walki Zbrojnej – Armia Krajowa, ZWZ–AK) in Kraków. He built and supervised an intelligence ring in the navy-blue police and German institutions and firms, and was exposing Gestapo informers. The postal clerks implicated by him to work for the underground helped intercept denunciations and, consequently, save many lives. Czapkiewicz was intensively sought by the Gestapo, though in vain. On 5 February 1945, when the Red Army had already been occupying the city for a few weeks, he was arrested by functionaries of the Soviet NKVD (People’s Commissariat for Internal Affairs) and the Polish UB (Office of Security). Despite being harassed and intimidated, Czapkiewicz refused to collaborate with the Communist bezpieka and was eventually released. Rearrested in 1950, he was sentenced to ten years in prison on a charge of collaboration with the Germans. He was freed after an amnesty in 1955. Exhausted both physically and mentally by his occupation experiences and the successive detention in Communist prison, Czapkiewicz died six years later.